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We provide fresh cryovac packs, frozen cryovac packs or frozen tray packs to suit individual orders, which are transported in large, good quality eskies filled to capacity with full sides of beef to retain temperature (to date tested frozen to 4 hours travel without any sign of defrosting). For smaller packs we use smaller eskies, or polystyrene boxes, filled to retain temperature (also tested successfully to 4 hours travel).

Prices are not included here as they can be very misleading. If/when you are comparing prices of beef online, you need to check or enquire whether they are based on ‘Live-weight’, ‘Hook-weight’ or ‘Boned Out’. As an example, this is an average calculation of the difference in weight:
‘Hook-weight’ = approximately 53% of ‘Live-weight’;
‘Boned Out’ (for packaging) = approximately 65% of ‘Hook-weight’ or 35% of ‘Live-weight’.

As a guide to what you might expect in a side of beef, the following is a reasonable example. However, some figures can change according to the choices of the buyer. These figures are an average taken from 8 grass-fed Wagra steers, and are based on a percentage of the final processed weight (consumable yield):

  • Mince 23%
  • Sausage 12%
  • Silverside 9%
  • Brisket 6%
  • Wing 6%
  • Rump 5.5%
  • Topside Roast 5%
  • Porterhouse/T-bone 5%
  • Bolar Blade 5%
  • Stewing 5%
  • Osso Bucco/Gravy Beef 4.5%
  • Round Steak 4%
  • Scotch Fillet 3.5%
  • Eye Fillet 2.3%
  • Oyster Blade 2.2%
  • Topside Steak 2%

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