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DEXTER BEEF! Medium marbled, rich beef flavour, fine-grained meat, unpampered and unadulterated. Just pure natural Dexter beef, tender and succulent and delicious.. That’s what I just wrote on our FB beef page, … and then I worry about the Cook. Anybody can

Winter Beef, 2024

We all want to feed our families only what is best for them. They need perfect, lean, pure red meat in their diets. Mince, casserole, roast, stir-fry, grills. No excessive marbling, no added hormones, no nasty chemicals, just naturally grown beef, reared


Nothing says cosy like a juicy succulent wing rib roast, a sizzling curry hot-pot, or meat-loaf in bbq gravy. Our winter Dexter beef will be processed in May.    Don’t risk missing out, see our Contact page to get a cutting sheet.

Star anise makes beef taste even meatier?

Hello All, Several years ago I heard a well-known Australian chef tell another well-known Australian chef that a pinch of star anise enhances the flavour of meat so I tried mixing it with salt and pepper when seasoning steak and I was

Welcome to the joys of Dexter beef in winter!

Hello All, Now is about the time when our customers transition away from extolling the virtues of their Dexter steak and sausage BBQs and their various pasta dishes with beef ragu sauces. Now is the time when they start telling us how