Welcome to the joys of Dexter beef in winter!

Hello All,

Now is about the time when our customers transition away from extolling the virtues of their Dexter steak and sausage BBQs and their various pasta dishes with beef ragu sauces. Now is the time when they start telling us how they enjoy their delicious Dexter beef casseroles, their succulent Dexter beef roasts, or their fantastic Dexter beef curries. The scope is endless. Recipes abound, in our book-shelves and on our internet, but if anybody has questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We love to talk with you about Dexter beef and meat recipes, our favourite topic!

Creeping in slowly with beautiful days, hard overnight frosts tend to see us bringing out the slow cooker and/or pressure cooker, when our secondary cuts of beef become our meat of choice. Big hearty winter beef meals need not be time consuming grinds in the kitchen.  “All-in-one” meals make so much sense for otherwise busy people, and well worth doubling up just so there are plenty of left-overs for later, when they are even tastier for being given time for flavours to develop.

Dexter beef slow-cooked or pressure-cooked for hearty beef stews and beef casseroles

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