We breed purebred Irish Dexters

Just a brief explanation about our herd prefix because a neighbouring sheep grazier did not know that the Dexter is a native Irish breed and presumed that we bred Wagyu beef cattle which are native to Japan.

Dexter cattle are native to Ireland. They are dual purpose cattle, providing both meat and milk. They were also used for draft in past times. Wagra is a local word, said to be associated with the sound of the wind as it roars through the canopy before it can be seen or felt. The name Wagra was registered as our herd prefix before most Australians had ever heard of Wagyu cattle and before those genetics were introduced to Australia from America in 1990s.

It would be a lot more years of building up their production in Australia and more still before they began to make an impact on fine dining in Australia. According to reports, Dexter meat does not compare unfavourably, just differently.

Much as we love all cattle, we do not pretend to have any affiliation or connection, genetically or otherwise, to the Wagyu breed, and even less to extreme Wagyu beef production practices.

Our Meat

Wagra Dexter Beef is available seasonally in late Spring and late Autumn when our purebred Dexter youngstock are harvested at approximately 2 years of age. They are naturally raised and finished on pasture without growth-promotants. The smaller size of Dexter cattle produces a finer muscle fibre and therefore a finer grain of meat; and the minimal stress, ‘happy environment’, in which our Dexters are raised and processed reflects in the quality of the beef that our customers enjoy.

Our Processing & Packaging

Wagra Dexters, Class 3 Food Permit Registration number: 1327/FP/ENV, are processed at a Foodsafe Victoria facility under humane, stress-free environment and conditions, which is very important to us and essential in producing the best possible quality meat outcome. The sides are then hung for two to four weeks, also in a Foodsafe facility, before cutting and packaging according to customer requirements.

Your Producers

Loving their daily debriefs with their human carers:

Calm and happy cattle means unstressed tender meatHappy cows produce happy calves